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 www.TravelComedy.com - Jeremy Sonnenburg's Official Travel Comedy Dispatch Center

Jeremy Sonnenburg was born and raised in Pasadena, Texas, then home to the world-famous Gilley’s Honky Tonk (see Urban Cowboy).  As it happens, Jeremy’s elementary school shared a property border with this world-famous country bar, and his earliest childhood memories are of standing in the school yard during recess watching drunken cowboys stumble out to their pick up trucks.  Many feel these early recollections helped warp his wacky sense of humor. 

 Upon graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Jeremy accepted a job as a management consultant.  On his first day of work he met Dorothy, a loud New Yorker who he would eventually marry.  He spent the next five years on the road for the company living and working in Houston, New Orleans, London, Dublin, New Delhi, Milan, New York and Baltimore.  He is now able to identify which hotel chain he is staying in by the scent of their guest soaps.

After their wedding, Dorothy and Jeremy took a sabbatical from their careers and embarked on an eight-month around-the-world adventure.  Their journey took them to Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Germany, and Spain.  None of the hostels they stayed in provided complementary guest soap.  In fact, many of their fellow travelers smelled like they had never heard of any kind of soap, complimentary or otherwise.

During the couple’s travels, Jeremy wrote A Funny Thing Happened on the Road Less Traveled.  It started as a couple of wise-ass travel emails sent to friends and family back home.  Response was so overwhelming that he decided to pursue publication.  As a writer, Jeremy professes to still not understand commas or their correct usage.  Luckily, his mother, who is an English teacher, signed onto the project as his editor-in-the-trenches, administering front-line grammatical aid to his travel comedies long before they reach his readers back home.

Jeremy currently lives with Dorothy in New York City where he does his best to help the city maintain its image as one of the craziest places in the world.